Klingg Mono Red

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Klingg Mono Red

$ 25

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Klingg™ is a wearable magnetic earphone cord holder that solves the age-old problem of earphone cables getting in the way. Exceptionally powerful magnets keep the Klingg on your clothing while holding headphones cables out of your way. Match any of our 5 bright color to your favorite outfit and Get It On. 

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The Klingggroove and soft side grips are colored to match each Klingg you own to your favorite outfit. Business or pleasure there is a Klingg made for just for you. Stop fumbling with headphone cables and Get It On.

The Klingg consists of a two-piece magnetic system that is wearable through lightweight material or thick winter wear. The front side featuring the Klingg groove is worn outside your clothing to hold your headphone cables or earbuds in place. The rear part of the Klingg goes inside your clothing to magnetically hold the Klingg firmly to the front piece. See the image below for specific directions.

Multiple Sports Utility (MSU). Use the Klingg everywhere you wear headphones. Sports, pleasure, or business the Klingg can be used almost anywhere.

Earbud holder. Get It On and keep it on.

Made with recyclable materials

Compatibility Even if you own more than one pair of headphones the Klingg groove holds almost every cable on the market.

Powerful Neodymium Magnets. Strong enough to hold the Klingg in place through all materials tested. It even works through heavy winter jackets.

Weather resistant. A little cold, heat, or humidity won’t hurt your Klingg

Lightweight. It only weighs 0.4 ounce! You won’t even know you have it on.

Compatibility: Works with almost all headphones on the market

Colors: Five colors available

Weight: 0.4 ounce (13 Grams)

Size: 1.34 Inches X 0.87 Inches

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