• Where do you ship?

    Right now, we're shipping in Canada

  • Why does it take a little longer to get my order?

    When we run our Sales Events, we do Group-Selling. We are then able to negotiate best prices for you and lower shipping fees. That means that we have to gather a minimum quantity of order before placing the order to the brands partners. We are a small company and the faster we will grow, the faster you'll get your orders.

    Some items are eligible for 5-day shipping, while others can take 2-3 weeks from the time you submit your order. Please allow one week from the date of shipment for your order to be delivered to you.  As merchandise arrives at our Order Processing Center, our team assembles and ships your order very quickly. To make sure you know what's happening with your order, we'll send you a series of emails including:


    A confirmation as soon as we ship your order