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  • Everyday we feature new design products. Each NeekNaak Sale is open for 4 days only, beginning at 9am PST the first day, and ending at 8:59am PST, 96 hours later. Please sign up for our email alerts to keep on top of upcoming sales.

  • NeekNaak offers exclusive sales of brands at discounted prices. So we often have a limited number of items to sell. When an item is sold out, we may not restock it. If we do, it will be at a regular price for a limited time.

  • Invite Friends and get Store Credit or Free Shipping.  As of April 10, NeekNaak will be offering and issuing store credits of 5$ anytime your invited friends make their first purchase.

    Store credits in your account can be used toward purchasing items on neekneek.com

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